"This is a really impressive debut." - Andrea Swenson, 89.3 The Current

"Their self-titled EP suggests Radiohead at its most pop-friendly, with macabre lyrics..." - Jay Gabler, The Local Current Blog

"Mixing an upbeat indie groove, a little bit of distortion and tongue-in-cheek caustic lyrics, the band gives vibes reminiscent of Modest Mouse." - Austen Marcus, MN Daily Feature Story

"Poolboy are the right kind of weird." "...watching the bizarre lyrics scroll by the screen in their video for "King of Cool" is a trip that's on par with reading Salvador Dali's dream journal. Quirkiness pays big dividends in Minneapolis/St. Paul, so look for Poolboy's new EP...to make a lasting impression in 2016." - Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages, Local Frames

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